Death Note etoN htaeD


Quick synopsis: Yagami Light has always been a genius, first, nearly winning a tennis championship for all high schools, helping his dad in his line of detective work, and becoming the world famous Kira. Yagami Light by pure coincidence found a book called a Death Note. Anyone who uses this book, after they die will neither go to heaven or hell. Also, this book, when somebody’s name is written in it will die in 40 seconds of a heart attack, unless given the cause of death, location, and time. Light decides to build a world without crime or sin, using this awesome and fearful power. L, a world class detective who solved every single case he worked on decides to work on this “Kira” case, and so the two geniuses begin this dance of life and death.

The Bad: In my opinion Death Note is by far one of the most amazing animes I have ever watched, that is until episode 27. I’m not going to say what happens as it spoils the point of this review but If anybody decides to watch this anime and does not want to spoil it DO NOT watch 27+ IT SPOILS EVERYTHING. The graphics could use a little tuning. The animations for the shinigamis are terrible in my opinion, except for Ryuk. As for the plot before episode 27 could also use a bit of tuning on some major parts. Light accesses his dad’s computer at the right moments. Also he plans way to far ahead, this keeps the watcher’s interest at its peak, yes but, some events that lead from those plans spoil that inte The characters also kind of lack personality once more, except for Ryuk.

The Good: One again this anime is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Light is a character to observe, you just might get smarter. L is also a character that adds a lot of interest to the plot. He sees through a lot and is ready just about for anything. Ryuk is probably the most all-around character. The plot is just really planned out and will probably lead to a lot of inspiration for future anime writers. Misa is also a really good character, her love for Light really pulls through wherever, whenever. The characters planning everything out ahead of time and predicting each others moves is like a game of chess with your grandpa, but SO much more interesting. The theme songs are also unique. I like the second one a little better until the ” what up people ” part. I hope alot of people enjoy this anime as much as I have, untill episode 27.

YEAH!! Rock N Roll!!


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