Facebook – Mobwars craze

Join the Mafia, and start your own mob. Band together with your friends to become the most powerful force in the elite criminal underworld of Facebook.


I have been playing this mob war application at Facebook for several weeks now and it has been addictive. It seems very hard to buy all the expensive weapons and cars but I found a few tricks which would boost your way through.

The good thing about this game is that you are not selling your friends or challenging them, but just for the pleasure of being a mob and robbing from others. You can’t attack your friends who are in the same mob as you.

One of the method is to make sure you are getting the most out of the properties you buy, click on “The City” to buy land and property. Cubicle Denizen have a good excel sheet to show you how you could buy those city with the fastest return.

The City
My own method is to find other to fight, yes fighting is the fastest way to gain money because stamina regen very fast and 3 is actually enough. You may want to add a little more but on lvl 19, I am still using stamina of 3.

Try hitting those who are having casino as their property, this is because you know they have money. If you find the right one save the link and attack them as much as possible. hehe :). Aim for those who have a lot of lost, this is most probably their clone account on facebook, which is why they do not have the intention of defending their boss. $70,000 each attack is a very good sum, you heal and attack until the person goes to hospital. Make sure that you have some good weapon and armour, if you see my weapons, you could see that it is not very good weapons but enough to win.


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