The Seat for Parents

This is an anecdote of Napoleon that occurred when he marched into Poland after he became emperor.

When he was staying in a small village in Poland, he was invited to dinner by the lord of a manor.

The lord of the manor welcomed Napoleon at the door and guided him to his dining room.

He passed the first and second seats among the highest seats at the table, and when he reached the third seat, he asked Napoleon to sit there.

As Napoleon sat down with an unpleased look on his face, one of his subjects rebuked the lord of the manor for his inhospitality towards the emperor.

Then the lord of the manor said.

“I am truly sorry, but these two seats are for my parents. The emperor is the head of our nation, but my father and mother are the head of our family.

Then Napoleon nodded his head in agreement with a big smile on his face.



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