iCEphone: Quad band, two hinges, one cool phone

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.It is no surprise that the official slogan of the iCEphone is “the changing shape of mobile communications”. After all, it is common to see a mobile device that can fold out with one hinge, but this iCEphone has two hinges.

So, this three-sectioned phone is a four-in-one device. Not only is it a quadband 3G touchscreen cell phone, it is also a PDA with a QWERTY keyboard, a games console with a controller pad, and a GPS navigation system.

All of these features, except for the games console, are designed to help doctors. The iCEphone is billed as “the medical phone”, and it comes with on-board first aid software, medical history storage, and caller collect international emergency helpline.

Other features include two SIM slots as well as a slot for microSD. There is also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a 3.1 megapixel camera.

I believe that this phone was originally designed for British military standards. I’m not certain how it ended up being billed as “a medical phone”, but I can see this phone being used by everybody. Who wouldn’t want to have all these features on their cellular phone, and I’m not even a doctor or a soldier.

My source nor the official site give a price on this item, which is a shame. I would like to know where to buy it, and how much it is.


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